Sunday, January 30, 2011


I love giveaways, and today I am annoucing 2 of them! I recently went through a scrapbook room redo/reorganize/ re-everything and was simply appalled at the size of my "stash". There is simply no way that I will ever, ever use it all. So, as I was going through things, I started filling a priority box from the post office as a RAK box of goodies. That box got full, so I started another one and ended up filling both of these boxes to the rim of scrapbooking wonderfulness. Stamps, stickers, rub ons, papers, chipboard, embellies, you name it-it's in those boxes! So, I am going to be giving these away to random people next weekend. If you are interested and want a chance (or two!) to receive one of these, please just hit the "like" button on our Facebook fan page, and become a follower of this blog! If you are already a follower, you are already entered :) And I LOVE comments-would love to hear from you! Have a great week, y;all! Hugs, KeeKee

New Layout

This is a cute scrapbook layout I created last night with pictures of Makenna playing dress up as a construction worker. The expressions on her face are just priceless, and I love the little safety goggles!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Fishy Valentine Card

I had to make another card using the Create a Critter cartridge. I love being able to use my scrapbooking supplies for other papercrafts! The little fish are just adorable. Thanks for looking! Forgive the corny sentiment-I couldn't resist :)

Another Valentine Banner

So my little one liked her big sister's banner so much, she decided she needed one for her room as well. Wanting to not go quite so "rock-ish" for a four year old, I searched my carts for a cute image for her banner. I found this cute little pirate bear on the Rock Princess cartridge (becoming one of my new favs!).
The bears have been glittered up with stickles and sport polka dot eye patches. To keep with the polka dots, I embossed all the hearts with the Swiss Dots cuttlebug folder, and used polka dot ribbon to string the pieces of the banner. I welded the heart font onto the hearts again and used red stickles for the hearts on the letters. Simple but cute, and she loves it which is the most important thing. Thanks for looking!
Close up of the bears...
Full shot of the banner...
Makenna making her best attempt at a pirate face :)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

More Valentine Projects

I am in a very 'Valentiney" mood! I had so much fun making these next two scrappy projects! I am in love with all the banners that I have seen posted and wanted to try my hand at it. I made this super fun and easy Valentine banner for my 19 yo daughter. It had to be funky and not too "cute". She is very into zebra stripes, and her room is hot pink and black. I decided on "Love Rocks" to be the title on the banner, and I got to try out my new Rock Princess Cricut cartridge. I welded the heart font onto the hearts with my gypsy (I love that thing!). I love the skulls with the bows and the heart shaped eyes! We also blinged it up with rhinestones, marshmallow glimmer mist and TONS of Stickles, then we finished it off with some pink zebra stiped ribbon I found today at Michael's. I think it turned out really cute and my daughter is very happy with it! Although, she informed me that since she recently broke up with her boyfriend that it should have said "Love Sucks"...haha. She won't think that way forever :) Here is a full shot of the banner...
And here is a close-up-all images were cut at 5 inches.
Okay, now I have a confesstion to make. I have owned my Create a Critter cartridge for probably 6 months now and have NEVER used it until I made this Valentine card. And now I am addicted to it! It's soooo stinkin' cute!
Here are a few images of my card. I used the pocket card from the Just Because Cards cartridge. I printed out the sentiment on my computer and stamped the hearts and to and from images on the back! I'm very pleased with how it came out. More animal punny cards to come, I'm sure.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Valentine Projects

I came across Bo Bunny's super cute Valentine's Day line, "Crazy Love", a few weeks ago. I am CRAZY about it! It has girly-girl pink, dark chocolate brown, deep red, and cream colors with a too-sweet theme of "Birds and Bees". Of course, my pics don't do it justice, but I am having a great time making things with this stuff. I bought the whole thing-stamps, embellies, stickers, rub-ons. etc. I am a Bo Bunny-holic. I have made a candy treat box, using my favorite old standby Cricut cartridge "Tags, Bags, Boxes and More", and two cute scrapbooking layouts for the ultra-cute Valentine's day pictures I KNOW I am going to have. I will coordinate my clothes that day to go with my layouts, of course! HAHA. It's a sickness. Cards and cupcake holders in the works and will be posted soon. Anyhoo...that's for looking!

Monday, January 3, 2011

A New Perspective

Ok, y'all. All this talk about New Year's resolutions has really given me reason to pause and evaluate what in my life could use a little "tweaking". Here is what I have been tossing around in my brain. And if you agree, great. If not, that's ok too. And if you don't care, so be it :)
I LOVE to shop for scrapping supplies. I love love love it. I kinda get a weird...well, HIGH from it. I love the smell of paper, the feel of new stamps. The aroma of a new ink pad. The stiffness of a new Cricut cartridge handbook. I shop for scrap supplies when I have money, I shop for scrap supplies when I don't have money. I will ALWAYS find a way to get the new stuff. And I have bags, piles,stacks, and drawers full of brand new scrap supplies. Because let's face it, as a wife, mother, student, career gal, whatever I am at the moment, there will NEVER be enough time in the day to use it all. I have enough Christmas papers and embellies right now in my stash to scrapbook every Christmas I will ever have if I live to be 100. I could spray paint my not-so-mini van 10 times with all the different colors of glimmer mist I own. Paper...oh my. If all the tree huggers find out about my stash, I'll end up on their top 10 list of tree killers. But, I' the rub to all this.
I have a nice stash. A really nice stash. Not as nice as some of the famous youtubers or bloggers, but it's not that shabby. I could buy a nice new car with what I have invested in Provocraft. Seriously.
And up until two weeks ago, I had only two pairs of pants and four tops that fit me in my entire closet.
I have not taken care of my skin, nails, hair, anything that has to do with my physical appearance.
I have been hiding myself behind my scrap supplies.
Shopping for scrap supplies filled a little bit of a void. Let's face it. You can get popular on YouTube for your hauls.  Who doesn't want to be popular? People covet the stuff you show off. They either live vicariously through your haul vids, or you stimulate the ecomomy and feed their need for more stuff and they go buy it :) And there is absolutely nothing wrong with hauls and videos and indulging yourself. I am not saying that at all. All I am saying is that there is something wrong when my scraproom is better taken care of than I am, that I take more pride in how many stacks of Graphic 45 I own than how good I feel about myself and how attractive my husband finds me. And if I am not taking care of myself or my appearance, he may at some point wish I would die cut myself a new outfit out of all that beautiful paper I have so that he would feel some pride in taking me out in public. They have some really beautiful patterns of paper, ya know? That could make a cute dress. But the size that my butt has become would require two whole DCWV stacks instead of one. Better use a 40% off coupon. :)
So, to make a long post even longer-here's my plan.
Whenever I wander in to a scrap/craft store to pick up a few items, I will also wander into Dress Barn, Steinmart, Sephora, whatever, and spend half of whatever I was going to spend on craft supplies on something else that will help improve ME. And just like most of you, I am on a pretty tight budget. S0, even if I only end up spending $10 on myself, that's a few new nail polishes to make me feel pretty. That's something to make me smell good. That's something to soften my skin, improve my wrinkles. Fun earrings. Whatever. If its a pay day and I am really going big, $50 will buy me a new pair of jeans and a cute top.  Or a cute new purse. Instead of buying 4 new carts, I will only buy 2 and use the rest for something to make me as fantastic as my projects. You get it.
I love scrapping. I am not about to quit scrapping and blogging. I will continue to post new projects! More are in the works right now! BUT, I will also be sharing what I have done for myself in those posts too.
My New Year's resolution-stop hiding behind my obsession and start taking care of me too.